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Rwanda National Police is dedicated to deliver high quality service, accountability and transparency, safeguard the rule of law and provide safe and crime free environment for all.

The specific mission of Rwanda Correctional Service is to enable tigistes and inmates undergo succesful social rehabilitation, reintegration and minimize reoffending.

Latest News

19/09/2016. Ibi MISINGO KARARA Emmanuel Umuhuzabikorwa wa gahunda ishinzwe kurwanya intwaro nto n'iziciriritse zitemewe n'amategeko muri Minisiteri y'Umutekano mu Gihugu, yabibwiye abahoze ari abarwaRead more

13/09/2016.Rwanda National Police (RNP), on September 12, handed over a vehicle to South Sudanese owners after it was stolen and recovered in the City of Kigali last month.Read more

08/09/2016. Urwego rw’Igihugu Rushinzwe Imfungwa n’Abagororwa (RCS) rwahawe na leta y’u Rwanda imodoka 8 zabugenewe mu gutwara imfunga n’abagororwa ngo barindwe ibibazo bimwe bahuraga nabyo mu nzira bRead more

06/09/2018.Police in the City of Kigali have arrested a man suspected of masquerading as a broker for the traffic and road safety department and conning several people of their money. The suspect idRead more

02/09/2018.The three-day 18th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Eastern Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation (EAPCCO) ended yesterday with delegates taking a tough stance to deepen cooperatRead more

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